Jeanne Sparrow

Founder/Principal Consultant at The Spoken Bird


"As a former program host at WCIU/Weigel Broadcasting, I worked with Nika for 7 years. Her job was our program's floor director, but she did so much more... she managed the logistics of our show, kept everybody on track and made sure that the things that always go wrong in production didn't affect the quality of the broadcast or the on-air team. She also contributed ideas, produced and assisted in producing segments, made connections for our staff with guests and potential guests and boosted our online presence. Nika is a tenacious, thorough and creative self-starter who would be a great asset to anyone's team."

Kristina Quinn

Art Director at NBC Sports Chicago


"Nika was a very hard worker always willing to step in to help. Always on time and with a smile on her face."

Courtney Mahoney

Senior Vice President at Chicago Wolves Hockey Team


"I worked with Nika many years ago, but she did a great job and had a great attitude."

Brandi Vick

Senior Crew Chief at KCCI Television


As Nika's coworker at KCCI she demonstrated excellent attention to details, ability to work alone and with a team, self-starter, and she was very reliable.